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Fire Safes

Protect your important documents and other valuables from fire and theft. Our Rhino Safes are constructed of top quality materials such as steel to BS 4360-430 MPA tensile strength. Two inches of high density concrete is encased within the steel creating a formidable barrier against criminals and fire alike. Rhino Safes are lab tested for 60 minutes at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.


Gun Safes

Our gun safes keep your guns and other valuables secure and out of unauthorized hands. Configurable shelving allows you to customize your safe for your collection.


Burglary Safes

We offer a wide variety of top-quality burglary safes. Whether you need a small safe, or a large safe for your business, Stronghold Safe has the right product for you. Locking methods include mechanical combination locks, electronic keypads, and biometric fingerprint scanners. Our larger burglary safes for businesses utilize keypad-plus-key locking systems for the highest security.


Depository Safes

Stronghold Safe depository safes and lockboxes cover the whole range of business needs. All of our products offer high-security locks, anti-tampering technology, and baffles to prevent fishing. Locking mechanisms include keyed locks, electronic keypad, and mechanical combination locks. Larger units include built-in alarm systems.


Data Safes

Our Data Safes are designed to keep your electronics, data storage devices and valuable collector's items safe from theft and fire. Laboratory tested against high temperatures, smoke, humidity and magnetic interference. Interior temperature kept below 125° F for 2 hours while exterior exceeds 1800° F.


Gem Vaults

For use in the home or office, the Mutual Gem Vault with its six-sided composite construction and 2 hour fire protection is the only choice. Available in both TL15 and TL15x6 categories.
• Massive 2" thick door, 5 1/4" overall
• Active 1 1/4" chromed locking bolts
• Tempered glass re-locker
• Chrome-plated die cast handle
• Adjustable shelves
• Stainless fascia plates


Wall Safes

Our Wall Safes fit neatly between two wall studs in your home or office. Available with mechanical combination and electronic keypad locks.


Hotel Safes

All of our Hotel safes are equipped with electronic keypads. This line of safes is an excellent choice for hotels, motels and fitness clubs.
• 3/16" thick solid steel-plate door
• 2 motorized active round locking-bolts 3/4" Diameter
• Electronic keypad for easy programming, code (1-6 digits)
• Velvet lined interior
• Management/Security bypass code
• Bright LCD display (Backlit)
• 4 pre-drilled anchor holes (bottom)
• Mechanical key override
• Battery operated - 4 "AA" batteries included
• Built-in audit-trail feature (coming soon)


Biometric Lock Safes

The next generation in biometric security! These safes are programmable for up to 30 users, combining security with ease of use.
• 30 minutes fire protection (fire liner)
• 1/4" thick solid steel-plate door
• 2 active round locking-bolts 3/4" Diameter
• Velvet lined interior
• No wake-up code needed
• 4 pre-drilled anchor holes (bottom)
• User-friendly, easy programming
• Mechanical key override
• External power override
• Battery operated - 4 "AA" batteries included


Biometric Door Locks

All of our Biometric Door Locks are configurable for up to 30 users. Our commercial unit, specially designed for apartments and businesses, saves fingerprint data for up to 99 users. All of these products identify within one second and can be fitted to either left or right-handed doors.